*tries to fix sleeping schedule* *makes it worse*

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this is probably one of my favorite jokes in all of western media



Late Night Hashtags #MyWeirdWaiter might be my favorite hashtag of the year

These are golden

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Odio que me digan “chau besos” osea ponle MÁS onda a la weá po, más pasión más sentimiento “te mando un beso con lengua contra la pared, cuídate”
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The graffiti reads: “I could only afford to buy a spray can and write: Happy birthday, son. I love you.”

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when my parents complain about me image

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petition for disney to make a whole new channel dedicated to old shows


I’ve been here! It really is breathtaking. The thundering roar of the water and the spray of the water against your face is so magical and just ugh. It’s Multnomah Falls by the way. In Oregon. ♥ A really great place to go and see. 

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